What is our mainstream?

Mobility is an avenue through which the field service provider (professional) gets the “right” of all i.e., the information, context and time, regardless of job, asset, customer or any other assistance at once. This mobility solution imparts role and industry-specific productivity, in whatever place vast capabilities can be added with regard to Sales, Services, Employee Reporting or Management and much more.

What is our mainstream?

Enterprise mobility is more strategic towards Large enterprises, giving rise to unique methods of running a business, eventually increasing the productivity. Medium and Small scale enterprises use Mobility as a tool for Combined Workforce Management. Overall, it helps to induce productivity, as a result, better customer care. The next level focus is laid on cost reduction considering to be a major benefit for any kind of enterprise.

Increased Productivity

Predominant aim for many business people since the increased productivity helps to reap increased returns to the investment, resulting in the ultimate societal welfare

Cost Savings

Mainly focuses on reducing the expenses in business activities. The techniques of cost savings vary from business to business, however, the positive outcome would be increased profits for the concern

Holistic Field Force

Caters to the need of a group of employees scattered across various locations but connected through PC, Smartphone via the global internet

Enforce Best practices

Enhances the flexible service with regard to Security, and rapid application access to users. It also paves the way for critical monitoring using metrics and helps to explore new market development

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Accurate diagnosis of the problem and its corresponding resolution drives customer satisfaction. Time management and performing the resolution in a timely trend is impossible without the tech-savvy enterprise mobility


Today, business concerns allow their workforce to connect at any given time, anywhere through any device. Mobility talks about frequent movements, hence the provision of dynamic security for all point of contacts is a top concern

Challenges encountered by enterprises before mobility transformation:

  • Experts say 95% major fall-out in the job productivity without wireless access within the workspace
  • The global enterprise mobility market size is anticipated to be $140 billion by the year 2020, growing at CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 15%

Ample solutions to the business fields:

  • Tailored Solution – providing a range of customized mobility solution suitable for your business
  • Rapid Transformation – the integral growth rate of mobile technology transformation is almost at an intense level
  • Focusing on the larger perspective  – mobility is not just an upper hand, but also the turbulent road to business  
  • Putting into a practice of emerging technology – executing the strategy across a superabundance of devices

Associate with Sapack for strategic Enterprise Mobility:

We give you a few good reasons to join us –

  • Supporting to identify key business competence to mobilize based on the Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Assuring budget-friendly, yet quick Enterprise Mobility services which have security as a prime focus of business
  • Drastic improvement in the company’s marketing strategy with the aid of analytical data and mobile devices
  • Building mobile solutions through Holistic approach predominantly in the field of Sales, Marketing and IT