Auditoriums or Seminar Halls are used for multiple purposes as in Meetings, Seminars, Team Events etc. The design and structure of Auditorium have to be designed based on the size of the avenue, acoustics, ambience lighting and seating arrangement.

The applicability of audio-visual aids has become more than a necessity for any organization. Especially the evaluation of AV requirements of any organization are worked and given a consultation with our Experts, ensuring the right solutions are offered to meet those requirements. Our solution enables to work seamlessly to make your events and meetings a grand success.

Some of the feature

A touch panel control to access all controlling activities of audio-visual devices

Control to provide various lighting scenarios depending on the application

Audio system with better acoustic designs help in transmitting your voice across the auditorium

Wireless systems for less-hindered projection and presentation

Appropriate projection size, lighting conditions to match the size of the avenue to ensure the overwhelming user experience